Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, with the proportion of carbon having a large influence on the properties of the steel. The carbon content of steel and Steel Sheet can be anything from 0.08 % to 2 %. Mild Steel is sometimes referred to as carbon steel or plain steel.


Cold rolled to BS1449 /
CS1, CS2 & CS3 & CS4 Annealed 0.50mm - 3.50mm

HR1 to HR4 Gauge corrected 0.80mm - 6.00mm

Cold rolled to BS1449 / EN10130


Carbon steels to BS1449 /

CS50, CS60 & CS70:- 0.20MM - 3.00MM

Hot rolled Carbon steels to BS1449 /

HS40, HS50, HS60 & HS70:- 2.00MM - 6.00MM

Hot rolled to BS1449 /

HR15, HR4, HR3, HR2 & HR1:- 1.40mm to 6.00mm

We can supply
Galvanised in smooth, matt & spangled finishes in Z1, Z2, Z3, Z28 & Z35
: - 0.40mm to 3.20mm



Zintec coil, single & double sided, dry and

CR1, CR2, CR3 & CR4 bases :- 0.60mm - 3.00mm

I/Z Alloy CR1, CR2, CR3 & CR4 bases :- 0.60mm - 3.00mm
Aludip in
AS01, AS02, AS03, AS04 & AS05:-- 0.40mm -2.00mm
Zalutite in AZ1 &
AZ2:- 0.40mm - 2.00mm



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